St Pauls’ theatre group.

St Paul’s Church Theatre Group  –   October to December 2018

Interested in going to the theatre, sharing lifts, enjoying a performance together, here are our next few trips:

Wednesday, 3rd October at either 5.40 pm or 8.15 pm   Let me know asap.  At The Lighthouse – The Little Stranger – a horror story or ghostly drama, set in Hundreds Hall, the doctor finds the families story is entwined with his own.  £8.40  £6.90 conc.  Under 25s and students £4.50

Friday, 5th October at 7.30 pm at The Arena Theatre  “Lite”  comedy drama of an emotional and physical journey of identity and self-image, through the eyes of a young black woman.  Tickets £12/£10 concs.

From our previous list: Tuesday, 9th October at 7.15pm at The Lighthouse.  A live screened theatre performance from the Oscar Wilde season “The Importance of Being Earnest”  Tickets £18/£12.50 conc/ £12.50 under 15s                              

Friday, 12th October at 5.35 pm at The Lighthouse  “The Wife” Glenn Close and Jonathan Price in a drama which questions life choices. £8.40 £6.90 conc.  Under 25s and students £4.50

Tuesday, 16th October at 7.30 pm at The Arena “This Might Hurt” by John Godber  – a physical theatre performance, hilarious and heart-breaking about a man’s fight for his elderly aunt with a struggling NHS.  £12/£10concessions and £8 for NHS staff

Saturday, 20th October at 7.30 pm at The Arena “Fred and Ginger”  Set in a black country secondary modern this is a bostin’ comedy drama, this is a performance by a Brum based theatre group, Gritty Theatre.  A few naughty words, so must be over 12 yrs old.  £12/£10 conc

Friday, 26th October at 5.00pm at The Lighthouse  “First Man” a film about Neil Armstrong, the costs of one of the most dangerous missions in history, on his family.  £8.40/£6.90 conc Under 25s and students £4.50

Thursday, 1st Nov at  7.00 pm  at The Lighthouse  A National Theatre Live screened performance of Alan Bennett’s “Allelujah”  set in a small Yorkshire community hospital fighting for survival  £12/£11 conc.

Wednesday, 7th Nov at 7.30 pm at The Arena  “Dadman: The Bath-Time Warrior”  a story about surprise, shock, change and fireworks of love.  An eclectic mix of fiction and science and combat with vacuum cleaners.  £12/£10 conc.

Wednesday, 14th Nov at 7.00 pm at The Lighthouse Live Screened Royal Shakespeare Company “Troilus and Cressida”  £14/£12

Thursday 29th November at The Arena  “Sherlock Holmes: Sign of Four”  Adventure, romance, comedy and deductions.  £12/£10

Tuesday, 4th December at 7.30 pm at The Arena  “The Act Collection”  Local theatremakers have developed a lively, creative community, this is a collection of their highlights.  £5 all tickets

Thursday, 6th December at 7.00 pm at The Lighthouse  A National Theatre Live screened production of Shakespeare’s “Anthony & Cleopatra”  £12/£11.

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St Pauls’ Advent Angels Project

Come and join us this Saturday, when we’ll be learning how to make bead angels as well as the knitted and crocheted ones.


Christian Aid Supporters Sunday


Notice sheet 23/9/18


Notice sheet 15/7/18


India fair trade and textiles talk


Notice sheet 22/4/18


Return of HOPS

Come and join us for an hour of singing Gods praises this Sunday, 29th April. All are welcome.


Theatre group

St Paul’s Church Theatre Group  –   March and April 2018

If you are interested in going to the theatre, sharing lifts and enjoying a performance together, here are our next few trips:

Friday, 9th March at 6.00pm at The Lighthouse.  The film “The Divine Order”  Set in Switzerland in 1971 where  women are still denied the vote.  A story of women’s uprising.  £8.40 Concs: £6.90 (OAP/Disabled/Unemployed)  Under 25s and students: £4.50

Sunday, 18th March at 5.35pm at The Lighthouse.  The award winning film “I, Tonya”  Competitive ice skater rises amongst the ranks, but her future is thrown in doubt when her ex-husband intervenes. £8.40 Concs: £6.90 (OAP/Disabled/Unemployed)  Under 25s and students: £4.50

Tuesday, 20th March at 7pm  at The Lighthouse.  Live screened Oscar Wilde “Lady Windermere’s Fan” with a talented comedy cast including Jennifer Saunders    £18.50 Concs: £12.50 for under 15s

Thursday, 22nd March at 7.00pm  at The Lighthouse   Live screened National Theatre Live  “Julius Caesar” broadcast from The Bridge Theatre, London  with a star cast.   £12/£11 conc

Saturday, 24th March at 7.30pm  at The Arena Theatre  “Darlaston Dog Fight”   Set in the Black Country of early 19th century, based on folklore and ballads of this period.  Narrative, music and physical action, a play which is explosive and uncompromising.  £12/£10 conc

Monday, 26th March at 6.00pm at The Lighthouse  “Dark River” a film about Alice returning to her home village in the North of England to reclaim the tenancy of the family farm with Ruth Wilson, Sean Bean and Mark Stanley   £8.40 / £6.90 conc with under 25s and students £4.50

Friday, 6th April at 7.30pm at The Arena Theatre   “This is Margaret” by Tom Allsop  A story about a husband’s description of his wife who is now living with dementia – her life story on four sheets of paper.  £12/£10 conc

Saturday, 7th April at 7.30pm at The Arena Theatre “New Europe” a highly personal examination of family, nationhood and belonging, inspired by interviews with young Europeans.  £12/£10 conc

Wednesday, 11th April at 7.00pm at The Lighthouse “Macbeth” live screened RSC with Christopher Ecclestone and Niamh Cusack    £14/£12 conc

Saturday, 14th April at 7.30pm at The Grand “Turn of the Screw”  A fresh, thrilling look at a classic ghost story written by Henry James.  Tickets approx. £20

Saturday, 21st April at 7.30pm at The Arena Theatre  “Robin Ince: Pragmatic Insanity”  90minutes of fizzing with ideas of creativity and science and art asking why we believe what  we see and why we believe what we believe.  Age 14+  £12/£10 conc

Wednesday, 25th April at 7.30pm at The Arena Theatre  “The King Lear”  Hilarious and heartbreaking using the text of Shakespeare, the landlord of a pub when he retires demands to know which of his daughters loves him the most.  He unleashes a tide of jealousy and frustration.   £12/£10 conc

Bridget Campbell    0793 6939804     01902 766416     bridget.day@hotmail.co.uk

Bridget Campbell

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