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Experience not necessary. Enthusiasm a must!

Publicity officer required for St Paul’s for the 30th year celebrations.
Starting November 2011 for one year.

Job spec: to promote the events of the year through posters, press and publicity around Pendeford.

Can you make this your contribution to the coming year or encourage someone else?

For more information, speak to Dot Clayton.


Steps in Faith: Colour in Your Life

As we look back over our lives, we often find that we associate particular colours with different things.  Our experiences of the past and even our day-to-day lives take on different colours.  Some days are filled with bright colours, others lack colour and often seem to merge into each other.   Some days or seasons have a much darker hue.

In the Colour In Your Life course we look at four stories from the New Testament and reflect on how an encounter with Jesus brings colour and joy into people’s lives.  More importantly, we are invited to draw close to Jesus ourselves.

Steps courses:
– are open to everyone (from 18 to 80+)
– consist of just one meeting a week for four weeks
– require NO prior knowledge of the Bible
– provide space to think and reflect
– offer a means of exploring life issues and discovering the connections between faith, life and the message of the Bible.

The Colour In Your Life groups will meet at the following times during the four weeks beginning 31st Oct, and 7th, 14th & 21st Nov 2011.  All groups are open to everyone and you can swap to another group if you need to at any time.

Mondays, 1:30-3:30pm, at Christ the King, Aldersley

Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30pm, at Church Cottage

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am, or 7:30-9:30pm, at Saint Paul’s Pendeford.

There will also be a Steps Get-Together for everyone on Sunday 4th December from 4:00-5:30pm at the Oasis Café, Saint Paul’s Pendeford.

If you would like to join a group, please sign the list in church or contact Bridget Campbell (01902 766416 or


Prayer for the Week (5)

Feed the World

Jesus Christ , our Lord, when we remember the sacrifice you made for the world, remind us that we are called to help the world and its people.
Our actions can change the world and we need you to help us make this difference.
Jesus we remember you in the bread of life, remind us that many people will not eat today.
Jesus who we remember in the wine as the blood of Christ remind us of those people who are thirsty today.

Jesus we need your help to restore this broken world.
Motivate our leaders and governments to take the right actions because there is plenty for all your people to eat and drink if we only distribute the worlds wealth as you would want us to.



Correction – Saint Paul’s Theatre Group

Unfortunately, the discount price for The Merry Wives of Windsor is £8 (not £5 as previously stated).
For more information, speak to Bridget Campbell.


We’re jammin’!

Interested in jam and chutney making?  Come to Blakeley Green House on 29th October at 1.30pm, no experience necessary!
(For more information, speak to Dot Clayton)


Start! Change of venue

The venue for the ‘Start!’ course will now be Saint Paul’s Vicarage, 1 Talaton Close.  All other details remain the same.

Please do consider inviting and encouraging friends, family and colleagues to attend this course.


Prayers for the week (4)

Lord, some people don’t think of you at all and only attend church as a convenience for baptisms, weddings and funerals. They show no commitment to you Father, or to prayer, or your word the Bible.
We all know people with little or even no faith and we pray that one day they will join the many who follow Jesus.
Lord, you created people to have a free will and make choices for themselves but many people choose not to follow you.
I’m sure that in a lot of cases todays non-believers turn to you late in their lives and, because you give people time to change, late comers are as welcome in your Kingdom as as those who have followed you all their days.


Talking to God

Lord we can see that prayer is vital for us to grow in our Christian lives and we should try to pray every day.
Help us to keep to this even if we feel we don’t have time, and help us to listen to you just as closely and pay attention to what you are saying to us so we can live through your guidance.



Jim will be running a Start! course starting Wednesday 9th November.
It’s a beginner’s guide to the Christian faith, where all questions are ok.

The course might be right for you – it might not… but have you thought about encouraging a friend, a relative or a work colleague?  Is there someone that you’ve been praying will develop a faith in God?  Why not invite them to join in – leaflets should available in church (if we’ve run out, Jim can provide more!)


Saint Paul’s Theatre Group

Fancy attending a performance with some friends from church?  Read on…!

Much Ado About Wenlock – Arena Theatre, Tuesday 18th October
In 1850, Much Wenlock hosted its very own Olympian games.  A comic show with the true spirit of the Olympics.
Only £5 if we can get the group discount!

The Merry Wives of Windsor – Arena Theatre, Tuesday 13th December
This production is by the same theatre group that we saw perform the hilarious version of Romeo and Juliet.
A right raucous rumbustious romp!
Again, just £5 if we can get the group discount!

Contact Bridget Campbell (01902 766416) if you are interested.

Saint Paul's, Pendeford

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