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Notice sheet 23/9/18


Notice sheet 22/4/18


Prayer by Anon

A prayer by Anon, supplied by Des Halestrap

Give us Lord a bit of sun
A bit of work and a bit of fun
Give us all in the struggle and the splutter
Our daily bread and a bit butter
Give us health ,our keep to make,
And a bit of spare for poor folks sake
Give us sense, for some of us duffers
And a heart to feel for all that suffers


Prayer for the NHS

A prayer for the NHS written by Des Halestrap.

Thank you ,O God
For all the people who have looked after us
For the kindnesses and support of strangers

For sleep the great healer of mind and body
Help all those who lie awake tonight, give them the balm of you blessed care

Into your strong hands we place all the patients in hospital, and their loved ones.
The staff during the day and the night staff on duty tonight, always there always present
Send your healing presence o Lord we pray

We ask for your precence in our own Pendeford Health Centre and in the Nelson Mandela unit
We ask in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ Amen


Prayers to share

The following prayers were discovered by Linzee Perry during the Advent Quiet Day at St Chad’s, Bonningale (organised by Liz Rathbone and Martin Bristow).  They are from the book produced by the Community of Saint Chad, a new idea developed by our Diocese, welcoming “any Christian who longs to grow in depth of discipleship and who is prepared to journey with others in a quest of a life-changing faith”.


Loving God,
give me the courage to face the things
which make me afraid,
and strength to overcome temptation.

Turn that which is evil in me into good
and that which is good into that which is better;
turn my mourning into joy,
my wandering feet into the right path,
my ignorance into knowledge of your truth
my lukewarmedness into zeal,
my fear into love,
all my material good into a spiritual gift,
all my earthly desires into heavenly,
all that is transient into that which lasts forever.

Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471) 


Grant me the spirit of love
that does not want to be rewarded,
honoured or esteemed,
but only to become the blessing and happiness
of everything that wants it;
love which is the very joy of life,
and your own goodness and truth within the soul.

William Law 1686-1761
For more information on the Community of Saint Chad, visit



(Advent) prayer for the week

An Advent prayer from Michael May:

Father be with us as we light our Advent candles.
Help us to open our eyes and see your love in our lives, and let us see the love that we share for each other.
We are thankful for all the ways you shine a light in our hearts.
We feel your love for us and we are so grateful for it.
Open our hearts to the people who have so much less than we do and the people whose lives are so full of pain they cannot see the light of your love.
Help us to carry your light to them, and see how we have brought light into someone’s life today.


Prayer for the Week

Des Halestrap has offered this prayer, by Bede Jarrett, for our consideration and use:


May He give us the courage that we need
To go the way He shepherds us
That when He calls
We may go to him unfrightened

If He bids us come to Him
Across the waters
That unfrightened we may go

And if He bids us climb a hill
May we not notice that it is a hill
Mindful only of the happiness of His company

He made us for Himself
That we should travel with Him
And see Him at last
In his unveiled beauty
In the abiding city where He is light
And Happiness
And endless home


Saint Paul's, Pendeford

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