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Christian Aid Week

A message from Marion calling for helpers.
Christian Aid Week is coming very soon – 14-20th May
There are lots of opportunities for supporting Christian Aid this year:
Please support the cake and plant stall on Saturday 13th May at the Fun Run (Thank you to Emily’s Mum-in-Law, Joanne, TJ and others who have already volunteered to help run the stall or donate cakes) and also please come to the Christian Aid service on Sunday 14th.
Please let me know if you can do house to house collections in your street.
Volunteer(s) also needed to help with the bouncy castle at the Fun Run.
If you like walking, there is a 3 mile sponsored walk (I am going so can give anyone a lift) starting from Northycote Farm, 10 am till approx 12.30 pm. If you don’t like getting sponsors, just come and enjoy the walk and make a donation to Christian Aid.
Volunteers are also needed to rattle collecting tins (tins and tabards provided) at Wolverhampton Station during Christian Aid week (afternoon and evening sessions). I will be there on Tuesday 4-6pm if anyone wants to join me.
Many thanks, Marion