St Pauls’ theatre group.

St Paul’s Church Theatre Group  –   October to December 2018

Interested in going to the theatre, sharing lifts, enjoying a performance together, here are our next few trips:

Wednesday, 3rd October at either 5.40 pm or 8.15 pm   Let me know asap.  At The Lighthouse – The Little Stranger – a horror story or ghostly drama, set in Hundreds Hall, the doctor finds the families story is entwined with his own.  £8.40  £6.90 conc.  Under 25s and students £4.50

Friday, 5th October at 7.30 pm at The Arena Theatre  “Lite”  comedy drama of an emotional and physical journey of identity and self-image, through the eyes of a young black woman.  Tickets £12/£10 concs.

From our previous list: Tuesday, 9th October at 7.15pm at The Lighthouse.  A live screened theatre performance from the Oscar Wilde season “The Importance of Being Earnest”  Tickets £18/£12.50 conc/ £12.50 under 15s                              

Friday, 12th October at 5.35 pm at The Lighthouse  “The Wife” Glenn Close and Jonathan Price in a drama which questions life choices. £8.40 £6.90 conc.  Under 25s and students £4.50

Tuesday, 16th October at 7.30 pm at The Arena “This Might Hurt” by John Godber  – a physical theatre performance, hilarious and heart-breaking about a man’s fight for his elderly aunt with a struggling NHS.  £12/£10concessions and £8 for NHS staff

Saturday, 20th October at 7.30 pm at The Arena “Fred and Ginger”  Set in a black country secondary modern this is a bostin’ comedy drama, this is a performance by a Brum based theatre group, Gritty Theatre.  A few naughty words, so must be over 12 yrs old.  £12/£10 conc

Friday, 26th October at 5.00pm at The Lighthouse  “First Man” a film about Neil Armstrong, the costs of one of the most dangerous missions in history, on his family.  £8.40/£6.90 conc Under 25s and students £4.50

Thursday, 1st Nov at  7.00 pm  at The Lighthouse  A National Theatre Live screened performance of Alan Bennett’s “Allelujah”  set in a small Yorkshire community hospital fighting for survival  £12/£11 conc.

Wednesday, 7th Nov at 7.30 pm at The Arena  “Dadman: The Bath-Time Warrior”  a story about surprise, shock, change and fireworks of love.  An eclectic mix of fiction and science and combat with vacuum cleaners.  £12/£10 conc.

Wednesday, 14th Nov at 7.00 pm at The Lighthouse Live Screened Royal Shakespeare Company “Troilus and Cressida”  £14/£12

Thursday 29th November at The Arena  “Sherlock Holmes: Sign of Four”  Adventure, romance, comedy and deductions.  £12/£10

Tuesday, 4th December at 7.30 pm at The Arena  “The Act Collection”  Local theatremakers have developed a lively, creative community, this is a collection of their highlights.  £5 all tickets

Thursday, 6th December at 7.00 pm at The Lighthouse  A National Theatre Live screened production of Shakespeare’s “Anthony & Cleopatra”  £12/£11.

Bridget Campbell    0793 6939804     01902 766416     bridget.day@hotmail.co.uk

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