wolverhampton workers memorial day

Des Halestrap writes:
At our Wednesday morning Bible Study we were working on Timothy 1 Chapter 4.
You will recall that this chapter seems to imply that we should, with the Lord’s help, think about using our Talents wisely. We thought that a lot of people hid their talents for modesty’s sake and that there seems no mechanisms for people who need to use these talents to be aware of them . What did our Lord say about hiding our light under a bushel?

I would like to offer a case for Blog readers to consider…
Each year on 28th April workers from Wolverhampton use the date to think about how many workers have been injured or died as a result of their work,they remember the dead and vow to fight for the living. They meet at the workers’ memorial tree which is between the Cenotaph and St. Peter’s Church, in the centre of town.

When this first started (it must be 20 years ago), I attended as a Trade Union member. It used to be a somewhat sad affair with half a dozen of us standing discouraged in a group. I could see that with input from other Christians this could be a celebration.  So, although I was aware that some of the people I was talking to were atheists, I suggested that we ask the Black Country Urban Mission for help. Was the Lord helping me?  If you would like to leave the comfort zone of St. Paul’s and join Trade Unionists placing wreaths and listen to Rev. Bill Mash speak on the subject I would be delighted if you join me.  It would be real mission work if we could swell the numbers from the 40 we had last year. Or shall we hide our talents ?

If this is the Lord calling us shall we hide? What do readers think?

Wolverhampton Workers’ Memorial Day (the 22nd annual commemoration) will be held on Sunday 28th April  2013, 12.30pm at the Cenotaph in St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton.  Rev. Bill Mash, Industrial Chaplain will be one of the speakers.


1 Response to “wolverhampton workers memorial day”

  1. 1 Des Halestrap
    22 April, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Of course if people take up my offer it will mean that we miss the end of Jims valuable service, could anyone offer a car lift, so that we could get to Wolverhampton for the 12.30 start?. Speaking to Jim he told me he would understand if some of us left early.

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