Prisons Week

Thus year, Prisons Week is 18th-24th November.  During the week, we are asked to pray for all who are victims of crime, administer justice, work in the prison service, prisoners and their families.

There are some resource sheets, with reflections and prayers, at the back of church, or you can visit www.prisonsweek.org

Meet with the chaplain of Featherstone Prison to hear about the work of the Sycamore Trust at our Churches Together meeting on Thursday 6th December, 7:30pm at Fordhouses Baptist Church.


1 Response to “Prisons Week”

  1. 1 Des Halestrap
    12 November, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Gosh Richard,
    This was a fantastic post. For someone like me who has the time, films, prayers, meditation really something good and progressive.
    Lest we become too serious, a technology joke
    An old friend of mine was visiting his son and daughter in law. As they settled down after dinner he asked his Son. Could I borrow a newspaper?
    The son replied for goodness sake dad, we are living in the 21st Century we don’t use newspapers. here take my ipad.
    I can tell you that fly never knew what hit it when it got the full weight of the ipad on its left ear

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