Autumn & Harvest Reflections

Following Jim’s sermon about prayer on Sunday, Linzee Perry is the first to take up the invitation to post a prayer of her own on the blog…

I looked out early the other morning and saw an autumn mist, a few leaves now being shaken from the trees changing to their autumnal shades – a sigh escaped me as I realized that autumn was really here.

Looking at the changing scenes and the rose hips forming, my mind turned to harvest.

A vision of a large broom sweeping the grain from the floor made me realize I probably needed to do some sweeping of my own. So, Lord, take your brush and sweep me clean, clean out the messy untidy bits of my life, the parts you’d really not like to see and set me on a path of more daily prayer time, time apart just for you.

I’ve started this journey now and thus far it’s really good. Amazing – I give you more time and somehow I have time enough for plenty of other things in my life too. This is a long journey but truly worthwhile, so thank you, Father, for being so patient with me, your wayward child; for all the good things in life you have given, support of family and friends, your wonderful creation which I enjoy in the garden, walking or on bike. Forgive the times when I hastily speak, gossip or stray from your path and let your marvellous Holy Spirit touch and direct me each day.

If you have a prayer or reflection you’d like to share, get in touch.


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