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The Bible for complete beginners

Ever wondered…

* Where the Bible came from?
* How old it is?
* Who wrote it?
* Who reads it?
* What it’s about?

Discover the answers to these and more over 4 Saturday mornings in the Oasis at St Paul’s.

• You do not need to have a Bible or have read the Bible.
• You do not need to come to church.
• No previous knowledge of the bible required.
• Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.
• Refreshments provided.
• Play-space for young children available

Saturday mornings, 10.30am – 12.00noon, October 27th, November 3rd, 10th & 17th in the Oasis Café @ St Paul’s.

For more info, contact the Rev Jim Perry, 01902 562133 or revjimperry(at)


Harvest help

As we approach Harvest, we give thanks to our Creator for all the good things we enjoy. The bible teaches us that the best way to show our thankfulness is to be generous in sharing what we have with others.

How can we, as a church, offer help to those most in need?
Everyone is finding the current economic situation challenging. But there are some for whom it is especially difficult, and churches are increasingly being asked for support from people needing emergency help with basic needs, such as food or keeping warm. This blog entry lists three simple ways that we at St Paul’s can contribute to efforts to meet these needs.

Remember that if you or anyone you know require such help, please do speak to Jim. All conversations will be treated in strict confidence.

The Wolverhampton Food Bank
The Food Bank will be the focus for our Harvest festival on October 7th.

The Food Bank provides emergency food parcels, and sometimes basic baby products, to individuals and families in crisis. They take referrals from organisations, including churches, which makes sure the help goes to those most in need.
We can help by donating food and other items as listed below.

There is a box for donations in the foyer (in the chapel during the week.) The Food Bank also welcomes volunteers. If you would like to offer some time, Jim can give you further details.

Suitable items for the Wolverhampton Food Bank (tinned / dried / UHT products ONLY please)
Milk      Cereal      Tea / Coffee      Sugar      Jam / Spreads      Fruit Juice / Squash       Meat / Fish (TINNED ONLY)
Pasta / Noodles      Rice      Pulses / Couscous      Soup      Vegetables (TINNED ONLY)      Pasta sauces / other cooking sauces
TINNED Fruit / Puddings      Snacks / Biscuits      Nappies (SEALED PACKETS)      Baby wipes / other baby toiletries
Baby Food (with long ‘use-by’ date)      Toiletries

The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd
The Little Brothers provide daily meals to the homeless and destitute of Wolverhampton, from their base at Darlington Street Methodist Church. They also provide men’s toiletries and clothing, and sometimes blankets.

We can help by donating men’s toiletries & clothing, shower towels, blankets and food, as listed below. There is a box for donations in the foyer (in the chapel during the week.) The Brothers also welcome volunteers. If you would like to offer some time, Jim can give you further details.

Suitable items for the Little Brothers
Toothbrushes & toothpaste      Men’s deodorant      Soap      Disposable razors      Shaving foam/gel      Socks (new)
Underwear (new)      Mens’ shirts, trousers, sweaters, vests, coats & jackets, footwear, etc. (new or used, but in good, clean condition)

Financial Giving
The Vicar’s Discretionary Fund is a small pool of money which the vicar can access to provide help for specific needs identified through pastoral work or via our community partners and schools. The help given is confidential and known only to the vicar and treasurer.
The Fund is very small, while the needs are increasing, so contributions to it are welcome. Donations to the fund can be given to the treasurer or to Jim. Please consider Gift Aid if you are able to.

Of course the most important thing is to pray; Pray for those in need, pray for the Wolverhampton Food Bank, the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd and all who seek to bring help and support; Pray for ourselves, giving thanks for the good things we have and asking that God would show us how we can best serve others; Pray for St Paul’s Church that we might be an instrument of God’s love and generosity to those in our community.

Gracious God,
the comfort of all who sorrow,
the strength of all who suffer,
hear the cry of those in misery and need.
In their afflictions show them your mercy,
and give us, we pray,
the strength to serve them,
for the sake of Jesus Christ
who suffered for us. Amen.



An anniversary invitation

There will be a special service to celebrate 30 years of 1st Pendeford (St Paul’s) Guides, Brownies and Rainbows at Saint Paul’s this Sunday, 30th September at 4:00pm, followed by tea in the Oasis.

Everyone is warmly invited to come and help us celebrate.


Pendeford Square Litter Pick

Come and join in tidying up the Square.

Monday 8th October, 5pm.

Some ‘grabbers’ and gloves provided, but bring your own if you have them.

Saint Paul's, Pendeford

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