Prayer for the week

Today’s offering comes via Des Halestrap, who says:

I  used this prayer at our Wednesday Evening Bible study group and members thought it might interest blog readers. It was given to me by our good friend and brother Jeff Leech in Christian kindness. Hope the readers like it as much as we did.

Lord, You are my daily inspiration. When I awake you bring me joy,
When I arise You fill me with wonder for the coming day,
When I leave my house You meet me in everyone I see.
Lord, when I hunger You give me food,
When I am cold You give me warmth,
When fear strikes me You are ever present,
When tiredness weighs me down You give me rest.
Lord, when I was born You gave me my first breath,
When my body failed me You healed me,
When those I have loved have gone before me You have comforted me,
When loneliness has visited me You have held me close.
My Lord, my God , my Love, When my days are done, and the sun goes down
to your wonderful light I will rise,
And there forever will my love be satisfied.

Have you recently heard, read or written a prayer that you’ve found useful and would like to share with others?  If so, let us hear about it on the blog.  You can write it down and hand it to Rich Cresswell at church or email r.j.cresswell(at)btinternet.com

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