30th Anniversary Greetings and News

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, Saint Paul’s has been in contact with former members of the church who have moved on to other places.  Two of our former clergy have recently been in touch and shared their memories/news…

Chris Foster
(Chris started his first position as an ordained minister in Pendeford back in 1981, when the building wasn’t even in use.  He is now the Bishop of Portsmouth!)

Chris writes…
You won’t be surprised, as I was there with some of you at the start thirty years ago, that I remember well the excitements of the weeks leading up to the opening and dedication. Moving the font into place, deciding where to put the organ, having an altar made… and much, much more as the first few grew into a congregation. Meanwhile I was falling in love, of course, and within its first year of life St Paul’s hosted the party after Sally and I married. So the people of Pendeford and the Church and School have a special – yes, unique – part in my life and memory. It’s with affection, then, that I send my best wishes and prayers in this celebratory year.

David Waller
(David was curate at Saint Paul’s in the 1990’s)

David writes…
Lovely to hear from you, and lovely to hear that St.Paul’s is obviously still going strong! I have many fond memories of my time at St.Paul’s and am ever thankful of the ‘formation’ that I received there.

I’d love to think about coming to the ‘Laughing at St.Paul’s’ event, as I’m sure that there is much that would be great to recall. However, Julie. Katie and I (along with our dog Lucy) are about to move home to pastures new, to be precise, Palma, Majorca, where I am due to take up the post of Chaplain to the Anglican community there. As you can imagine this will be quite different from what I’ve been used to so far – but that’s half the fun!

Please pass on my best wishes to anyone who remembers Julie and I at St.Paul’s, and I hope that the rest of the year’s celebrations go well.

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