Altar Cloth Project

As part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations we want to make new altar cloth to be presented to the church at the end of the year.

Angy Bullock has been asked to help co-ordinate putting this together but the aim is that we would like members of the community to have a part in making it. It will be an exciting project to create a cloth which will display a colourful pictorial map/image representing the area around St Paul’s.

For this to be successful we need volunteers to help design or make small symbols to represent facilities in the area ( eg: maybe a supermarket trolley for the shopping area, canal boats on the canal, buildings and trees) as well as help with any design planning or needlework: such as cutting out, hand or machine sewing, embroidery, beadwork etc. It will involve occasional meetings for people to get together to work on it but also opportunities for people to take away pieces to work on at home.

If you feel you can help in any way at all (however small) please contact Angy Bullock, either at church or on 01902 780357 or email on angy.tess(at)blueyonder.co.uk. Hopefully the finished project should be a lovely reminder of the wonderful community of which we at St Paul’s are a central part.


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