News from the Annual District Church Meeting

The big news from the annual church meeting, held last Sunday (22nd April) is that the Oasis is set to re-open as a café during May.  Sam Griffiths has agreed a deal with the church to run it as a business.  Please pray that this venture will be a success for Sam and that it will open new opportunities for us as a church.  Also, don’t forget to be a customer too!  More details will be posted here soon.

Thank you to all who stood for election to our church councils.  Our representatives will be…

Deanery Synod
Jim Perry, Ron McTurk, Chris May, Rich Cresswell.

Parochial Church Council (PCC)
All those on Deanery Synod, plus:
Doreen McCalla, Susan Fisher, Greta Lowe, Sue Ellick.

District Church Council (DCC)
All those on PCC, plus:
Geoff Cresswell, Bridget Campbell, Steven Oxley, Val Morgan, Jenny Cresswell, Helen Rhodes, Michael May, Del Moore.

Please pray for all those who have been elected to serve on our church councils, that they will seek God’s will and work for the good of his people.


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