Lent Course musings

Following the first session of the Lent Course, Linzee Perry wrote a little something she’d like to share with us –

On Wednesday we looked at Creation.
How did it come about we complained about our nation?

Are we too content in our own little world
not stopping to stand and stare
in wonder at our beautiful world?

Are we too complacent about our faith?
Do we need to stand up now for Christian rights and
culture in our society locally and nationally?

Spring – the season of wonder and surprise at the
new life springing out and up around us.
Do we remember to say “thank you” Lord for the
joys of this season, which surely gladdens every heart after
long, dark, drear winter days?

New morning mists with spider webs sparkling like diamonds
with the dew, birds singing to attract their mate, daffodils
slowly unfolding their golden glory.

What will we do to protect our world what will we do to stand up for our faith?

Inspire and guide us, Lord, every day
so that we will do our bit each in our own way.


Has the Lent Course (or anything else we’ve done at Saint Paul’s) inspired you to be creative or find out more about something?  Why not share it with others here on the blog?  Speak to Rich Cresswell if you have something you’d like to post here.


1 Response to “Lent Course musings”

  1. 1 Geoff
    9 March, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Just to say “thank you” – a lot to think about !

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