Saint Michael’s Church weekend away – Ammerdown

Saint Michael’s have another away weekend booked this year at the Ammerdown Centre near Bath, from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th September.

This year the weekend will be guided by Sister Mary Stephen CSJB, a sister in the Anglican Religious Community of St. John the Baptist and an ordained priest.

The retreat will be called  ‘Unfolding the Deckchair’, a thought provoking title which focuses on prayer and ways of praying.

If you are interested in joining the group and would like further information please contact Stella Salt on 751407.


1 Response to “Saint Michael’s Church weekend away – Ammerdown”

  1. 1 Des Halestrap
    3 March, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for all the work you are doing on the blog.How about this item from the Church Librian


    Thank you to everyone who has contributed books to our Church Library. I hope people will continue to contribute and use this resourcse and perhaps let other users know about books they have read and enjoyed
    My latest idea for the library is a magazine exchange. There must be people in the Church or people we know who would welcome a handfull of magazines every now and again. Considering the cost of these it seems a shame to let them go for landfill after you have read them.Someone asked me if I was thinkiing of only religious magazines but I thought no,the Lord speaks to us in all sorts of ways I am sure he will have ways of speaking to us through Readers Digest as he does through Church Times. Hope this idea is as succesful as the book library is
    Thank you once again for your contributions

    es Halestrap

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