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Prayers for the week (4)

Lord, some people don’t think of you at all and only attend church as a convenience for baptisms, weddings and funerals. They show no commitment to you Father, or to prayer, or your word the Bible.
We all know people with little or even no faith and we pray that one day they will join the many who follow Jesus.
Lord, you created people to have a free will and make choices for themselves but many people choose not to follow you.
I’m sure that in a lot of cases todays non-believers turn to you late in their lives and, because you give people time to change, late comers are as welcome in your Kingdom as as those who have followed you all their days.


Talking to God

Lord we can see that prayer is vital for us to grow in our Christian lives and we should try to pray every day.
Help us to keep to this even if we feel we don’t have time, and help us to listen to you just as closely and pay attention to what you are saying to us so we can live through your guidance.



Jim will be running a Start! course starting Wednesday 9th November.
It’s a beginner’s guide to the Christian faith, where all questions are ok.

The course might be right for you – it might not… but have you thought about encouraging a friend, a relative or a work colleague?  Is there someone that you’ve been praying will develop a faith in God?  Why not invite them to join in – leaflets should available in church (if we’ve run out, Jim can provide more!)


Saint Paul’s Theatre Group

Fancy attending a performance with some friends from church?  Read on…!

Much Ado About Wenlock – Arena Theatre, Tuesday 18th October
In 1850, Much Wenlock hosted its very own Olympian games.  A comic show with the true spirit of the Olympics.
Only £5 if we can get the group discount!

The Merry Wives of Windsor – Arena Theatre, Tuesday 13th December
This production is by the same theatre group that we saw perform the hilarious version of Romeo and Juliet.
A right raucous rumbustious romp!
Again, just £5 if we can get the group discount!

Contact Bridget Campbell (01902 766416) if you are interested.


Getting to grips with the Bible

Just a reminder that Jenny Cresswell will be leading this one-off session straight after the service on Sunday (16th Oct).

Together we will explore a way of approaching and reading the Bible that anyone can try.  This session is suitable for people who everyone, whether you are a regular Bible reader or you harly ever pick up a Bible.

The session lasts under an hour (and we’ll be keeping the service a bit shorter than usual too, so there’s no excuse not to stay!)


Prayers for the week (3)

Michael says “This week I have decided to reflect on Sunday’s unusual service, about salt, light and crabs.”

 Salt and Light

Father we pray for salt and light because like you they are not visible and we can’t live without them. Father you are the light of the world and you shine on everyone and everything.
We Lord are the salt of the earth and like salt we can be useful in hundreds of ways. When salt is used it disappears and we can be at our most useful when we disappear because we don’t have to be seen to do good things. Salt may have dissolved but like you Lord we know it is there just as we know you are there.


Until this week, all I knew about crabs was that they walk sideways and I like eating them so I did some research.

There are over 4000 varieties of crabs and they have existed for 400 million years and I am most impressed with the horseshoe crab whoose blood is extracted to make vaccines, intravenous drugs and keep medical devices free from harmful bacteria which would cause salmonela, cholera and tetenus. So we should thank the Lord for these crabs and for Dr. Frederik Bang who discovered the processs. Once the crabs are caught they are taken to a laborotory where 30% of their blood is removed. They are then returned to the sea and within 3 months their blood is back to normal.



Saint Paul's, Pendeford

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