Prayers for the week (3)

Michael says “This week I have decided to reflect on Sunday’s unusual service, about salt, light and crabs.”

 Salt and Light

Father we pray for salt and light because like you they are not visible and we can’t live without them. Father you are the light of the world and you shine on everyone and everything.
We Lord are the salt of the earth and like salt we can be useful in hundreds of ways. When salt is used it disappears and we can be at our most useful when we disappear because we don’t have to be seen to do good things. Salt may have dissolved but like you Lord we know it is there just as we know you are there.


Until this week, all I knew about crabs was that they walk sideways and I like eating them so I did some research.

There are over 4000 varieties of crabs and they have existed for 400 million years and I am most impressed with the horseshoe crab whoose blood is extracted to make vaccines, intravenous drugs and keep medical devices free from harmful bacteria which would cause salmonela, cholera and tetenus. So we should thank the Lord for these crabs and for Dr. Frederik Bang who discovered the processs. Once the crabs are caught they are taken to a laborotory where 30% of their blood is removed. They are then returned to the sea and within 3 months their blood is back to normal.




1 Response to “Prayers for the week (3)”

  1. 1 Bridget Campbell
    8 October, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Prayer for Michael:

    Lord we thank you for Michael, for his research and for his reflections. Thank you that he brings thoughts of you in an interesting way into our lives midweek. Please continue to be with Michael as he composes and continues to help others. Lord, be with his family who provide him with such amazing support, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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