Prayers for the week (2)

More from Michael May, who says “This week I was inspired by Sunday’s service”

St. Paul

We pray for St Paul who persecuted the church then by God’s grace became a great Apostle, taking the good news of Jesus to the world.
St Paul suffered prison, shipwreck and all manner of persecutions before finally giving his life for our Lord Jesus Christ.
Help us to bring the faith to others and accept any trials that come our way.
Help us to be inspired by Paul’s letters and join in the love of Jesus so at the end of our days on earth we can join in praising God for eternity.
Stand up for Jesus

Lord Jesus, you spoke peace to a sinful world and brought humankind the gift of reconciliation by the suffering and death you endured.
We love you and joyfully bear the name Christians. Teach us to follow your example. Increase our faith, hope and love so that we might turn hatred into love and conflict into peace.

1 Response to “Prayers for the week (2)”

  1. 1 Geoff
    30 September, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Thank you , Michael. Your prayers really work for me. Your concise carefully chosen words leave me with lots of space to fill. Unlike so many prayers which are so packed with the words and philosophies of the writer/speaker that they crowd out the listener’s own prayer space. Thank you. keep at it.

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