Prayers for the week

Michael May regularly writes prayers for the Wednesday morning Bible study group.  He has kindly offered to share some of them (and some new prayers) with the blog.  Here are this week’s prayers –

Creator God, Who brings both green shoots and hoar frost, sunrise and sunset, we bring our thanks.
For the seeds that have grown, for the harvests gathered, for the storehouses filled, for the mouths fed, we bring our thanks.
As your good earth rests through winters cold, we look forward to its re-awakening when kissed by Spring’s first touch. Amen

Searching for God
Lord, there is little certanity in this world. We all find you in our own way and the only thing we are certain of is our faith in you.
This may take a long time to find but when we find it we are absolutely sure our futures are secure in your hands.
Lord, send your light and truth to lead us. Open our eyes to the opportunities you give us.
Open our hearts to your love and help us bring others to your light. Amen

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