Summer Services (Baa! Cluck!)

If you weren’t able to make it to church last Sunday, you might not yet be aware that our summer services are following a theme – animals in the Bible.
All services over August will be all-age (SPLAT and Bubbles are not meeting over the holiday, but the services are designed to be inclusive for all).  Not only will the readings have an animal theme, there’ll be animals throughout our worship!  (Look for mentions in the hymns, the prayers and the sermons).

It’d be CATastrophic to miss the services.  CAMELong (Get it?  Come along!  No?) and join in the fun.  (Sorry, I’ll stop RABBITing on, now…)


1 Response to “Summer Services (Baa! Cluck!)”

  1. 1 Des Halestrap
    30 July, 2011 at 9:54 am

    I think the animal theme could run and run. I don’t want to br beastly but one of my family pets was a Tortoise.
    They don’t do a lot but I could not remember seeing them get a mention. Checking with my concordance they are in Leviticus under the list of unclean animals Lev 11.29 where they are ghrouped with the Lizards. It led to the reflection in our Bible reading group .How could God greate something that he did not like?But he did not like us very much at one time and was set to destroy us in the flood . There must be a sermon in there somewhere
    GReetings and blessings


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