Photos wanted

Val Morgan has been spearheading the redecoration of the Oasis ready for its re-opening.  She writes –

Dear All
In preparation for the Cafe opening, we are trying to create some new pictures for the walls.
The theme is ‘come Together’- pictures showing groups from church, community, school etc coming together.
I am hoping that if people have pictures which show events in this category, that they will e-mail me pictures. Ellie has offered to mount and create some art work for the Cafe.
The photos can also be historic as this too will create interest.
So…start scanning those old photo albums or look through your shots of pantos, runs, baptisms, weddings, Winter wonderland, Opening of the building, Christmas fairs, summer fairs, walks…the list is endless.
Also shots showing the other churches would be good…coming together of churches.
Thank you!!

If you don’t have Val’s email address, you can send images through the website email address and we’ll forward them on – info@stpauls-church.org.uk

1 Response to “Photos wanted”

  1. 1 Ron Mc Turk
    3 November, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    great idea I have forwarded some pics of the parish visit to the Mecklenburg area of the former East germany in 1996, hope they will be of use

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