More on the Oasis

The Oasis has been a busy place over the past few months.

  • Since the summer, Wolverhampton Homes residents have used the café as a respite space while their homes are refurbished.
  • During the summer holiday, Pendeford Kidzone provided their day-care in the hall and Oasis and it is hoped that their before-school breakfast club will soon be based in the Oasis.
  • Two groups run by the Dove Children’s Centre are currently running during the week – a ‘stay-and-play’ for parents with babies and young children, and a parenting group.
  • There are also the long-running Wednesday morning Bible study and fellowship group and the Thursday Over-50’s group, as well as Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.
  • While the school building work continues, the Oasis lobby is the entrance for the school office and has also become the nursery entrance.

Not just for coffee after church on a Sunday!


1 Response to “More on the Oasis”

  1. 1 Martin
    26 October, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Clearly the Oasis is an invaluable resource. Much goes on there outside of Sunday worship and all of it is invaluable.There is no reason why The Oasis can not continue to host all of it’s current activities whilst operating on a “commercial basis” The Church in Pendeford is surrounded by numerous public services ,Library ,Health Centre and residential home. In addition there is a branch of one of the big 4 supermarkets and other retail outlets.

    All of these bring people into the area of the Oasis and provide an opportunity for co-operation and mutual advantage.The Oasis will need to find ways to exploit this.It seems to me that there is a niche for a cafe and the potential to make it viable. However at present this is only a feeling.Until we know the attidues of the local community through the survey to be undertaken in November, we have no empirical data to base anything on.

    If we need the Oasis to pay it’s way we need to know that it is plausible for it do so.Such a judgement can only be supported by “market reserach” which informs a business plan and guides the way forward.

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